Parrot Flight Suit Bird Diapers

Ready Stock & Ready to ship.

Available to Worldwide.

“Freshly sewn and hot off the sewing machine!”

If you have parrots with similar sizing as the below-mentioned parrots, the flight diaper suit might be suitable for your parrot.

Blue and Red cloud suit (first and second from left) suitable for:

  • Congo African Grey
  • Amazon parrots

The 4 smaller parrot flight diaper suits on the right of photo are suitable for :

  • Quaker parrot
  • Sun conure
  • Senegal parrot
  • Meyer parrot
  • Red bellied parrot
  • Cockatiel
  • Indian Ringneck parrot
  • Caique parrot
  • Lorikeet parrot

Name embroidery is available and optional.

Delivery option is only via shipping or posting.


  • other parrot breeds?
  • other sizing?
  • price?
  • mailing?
  • more choice?
  • and more…

Feel free to send me a PM for more details.

Parrot Flight Suit Bird Diapers

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