Parrot Charm Bracelets Giveaways

YAY! Birdies and Family is celebrating their 5th anniversary this Sunday, 8th December 2019. We are truly honoured to be invited to this joyous occasion.

In a celebrative mood, we are having GIVEAWAYS – Parrot charm bracelets!

(1) LIKE page, and
(2) SHARE our page on your personal Facebook page as a public 🌍 post.

Flash those steps being done to me, and a parrot charm bracelet* is yours! ☺️
(*while stock lasts ah…so, fast hand fast leg k…)

Bird nappy suits available for sales too. There are different sizings for different parrots. Come have a look-see look-see.

Join us for loads of fun, and come say “Hi” to me! 😊

Parrot Charm Bracelets Giveaways
Parrot Charm Bracelets Giveaways

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